2016 Pennsylvania District 11 Brackets

Posted by: David Forshey
June 23, 2016 11:50 am
The 2016 District All-Star brackets have been added. They can be viewed here.

The 11-12 team will host Huntingdon on Monday, June 27 for their opening game.

The 9-10 team will be at Hollidaysburg on Tuesday, June 28 for their opening game.

The 10-11 team will host V.E. Arbutus on Friday, July 8 for their opening game.

Golf Tournament Information

Posted by: David Forshey
May 2, 2016 10:50 pm
I've added the information for the upcoming 2nd Annual Greater Mount Union Little League Golf Tournament to be held on Sunday, May 29th at the Mount Union American Legion Country Club.

You Can check it out here.

Opening Day Countdown at 4!

Posted by: David Forshey
April 19, 2016 10:41 am
Opening day is now 4 days away! Who else is excited? We've hopefully gotten through our last cold snap of the year, as the weather has been beautiful the last week. Scrimmages and final practices have brought the crowds out to the field, but it all starts to count this Saturday!

Opening Day for the Greater Mount Union Little League's 65th season is Saturday, April 23rd. The Opening Day will feature 11 games across 3 of our 4 divisions.

Special activities in Mount Union include the Opening Day parade moving at 11 AM. The parade will form at the tennis courts by the Teener League field and follow a Garber Street to Jefferson Street to Market Street to Park Street route with the parade ending at the Little League field. At the conclusion of the parade, we will introduce the teams onto the field. Ike the Spike, mascot of the State College Spikes will be at the field at noon. Brianna Sheeder will be singing our National Anthem prior to the opening contest at 1 PM.

Upgrades at the Mount Union field this season include a new sound system and an expanded selection of food at the concession stand. (Just don't eat all my Dove chocolate bars!!!)

Our opening slate of games are split 50/50 between Mount Union and Orbisonia. Opening Day in Mount Union will start at 1 PM with a Major Division contest between the Pirates and Reds on the Little League field. Also at 1 PM, the White Sox and Yankees tangle in the Rookie Division opener on the Minor League field. At 3 PM the action on the Little League field switches to the Minor Division with the Twins taking on the Phillies. On the Minor League diamond at 3, the Nationals will battle the Mets. At 5 the Red Sox and Angels square off in a Minor Division game on the Little League field and the Expos and Red Sox close out the triple header on the Minor League field. Our 7 PM showcase is a Major Division showdown between the defending champion Curve and the Mets.

The games in Orbisonia get underway at 1 PM as well with the Rangers taking on the Tigers in a Rookie Division contest. At 3 PM the Dodgers take on the Phillies in the second Rookie Division game of the day. At 5 PM the Major Division takes over with the Dodgers and Diamondbacks taking the field. The final game of the day starts at 7 PM with the Indians facing the Cubs in a Minor Division game.

The Rangers (Major Division) and the Royals (Minor Division) will have Opening Day off. Our teeball division will get into the action after another two weeks of practices.

Come out and support our area youth as they officially open up a new chapter for the Greater Mount Union Little League history books!

Website Updates

Posted by: David Forshey
April 19, 2016 10:12 am
I haven't been able to be as aggressive on updates as I'd like to be. We have lots of preparing to do at the fields in anticipation for Opening Day on Saturday!

Here's what I've done in the last few weeks:
1. Added the 1970 and 1984 champions, both times it was the Pirates. This brings us to just the 1982 season and the 1999, 2007, and 2008 Minor Division champions away from having them all!
2. Added the standings for 1977, 1981, 1983, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1995, 1999, 2000, and 2001. '77, '95, and '99 are as much information as I could find to verify. '81, '83, '85, '86, '87, and '88 seem to be as complete as they can be.
3. Added the "This Week" to the home page sidebar. You'll find a quick schedule and result list for games between Sunday-Saturday for the given week.
4. Added the Rookie Division batting stat pages for both players and teams.
5. Added a "Hometown" feature to the team pages under the Quick Info sidebar.
6. Changed the Nationals logo and matched their team page colors to the new logo.
7. Added the teeball schedule to the schedule pages.
8. Changed the layout of the schedule page to a tabbed page.
9. Added the players jersey numbers for all the players.

I did some other under the hood changes to make pages load faster and make use of the new "Hometown" feature. Those pages include the standings, schedule, and team pages.

I'll be continuing to work on various projects while I have time. You'll definitely want to check back Saturday night/Sunday after the games are over, as the website will start being updated regularly for the season.

2016 Website Updated

Posted by: David Forshey
March 27, 2016 10:21 pm
Opening day is less than a month away now and so it's time to get up-to-date for the 2016 season.

We'll be covering the Major, Minor, and Rookie Divisions for the league this season on our website.

What's new:
We have a redesigned layout based off the 2014 version of the site. I've went with a much cleaner look. New graphics to incorporate our new Greater Mount Union Little League logo. You'll find that most of the functionality remains the same as it did in 2013 and 2014.

I've redone a lot of the team graphics and tried my best to create a visual difference between the team names that are used multiple times (Dodgers, Mets, Phillies, Rangers, and Red Sox) in the different divisions we cover.

New home page features include the Facebook feed and the "On This Day" feature. The "On This Day" feature will show the birthdays for current players in our league, information on the games schedule for the day, and results from past seasons played on this date.

I've added all the new players and new teams for this year.

Speaking of players, I've added a new way I'm displaying their lifetime statistics. The Lifetime stats will now show their stats by year and then their lifetime totals.

For history and functionality sake, the Major/Minor split will see the now Minor Division Twins and Indians carry on their former Major division team's history to match the Mount Union team's. The Mount Union Minor Division teams from last year will now carry their history into their Rookie division teams.

Speaking of history, I've added last year's champions as well as the Major Division standings.

What's still to come:
I'm hoping to continue a push towards a website that will look good on all devices and not force you to scroll horizontally. I've been working hard on it, but wanted to end the delay in getting in the 2016 season under way.

I'll be working to add the 2015 information I have to the website. I have all of the information saved from last year's website as well as the scorebooks from the Curve, Red Sox, and Twins. I've been slowly adding the hitting stats for the Twins.

More history! I want to continue towards a total history for the Mount Union Little League. I have hundreds upon hundreds of old newspaper PDFs saved dating all the way back to our inaugural season in 1952. By adding boxscores, we can push towards having actual records like most homeruns in a season. If you have any information I'm missing, please feel free to email me or drop us a line on Facebook!

Sticking with history, I'll be totally revamping our history page. I'll be adding team pages for our All-Star teams, as well as the information on our All-Star championships.

More "On This Day" features. Things that go hand-in-hand with history additions such as stat milestones like multi-homerun games, no-hitters, perfect games, etc. Stat plateaus like 10th homerun of the season, 100th strikeout, etc. Broken records like most homeruns in a season, most wins in a season, most strikeouts in a season, etc. Interesting facts like the end of long win streaks, championship clinching victories, other interesting news items like first homerun, all-star selections, etc.

I plan to add more information to the player pages. I'll be reintroducing the participation information that was available in 2012 and 2013. Also I'd like to add some more accomplishment information for things like league leader in homeruns, hits, average, etc.

I'm going to be adding a new rankings tab to both the players and team pages to show where a particular player or team ranks against the rest of the league in a given stat.

Moving on to the team pages some more, I'll be adding more information to the history tab. Things like historical stat rankings, team and player records.

Media!!!!! I'm hoping for many people to get involved this year in sending us pictures to add to the website. We already plan to try our best to cover this league to new unprecedented heights.

I'm sure there's a lot of stuff I'm forgetting about right now and other things I'll think of as the season goes on. If you're interested in helping out in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.