If you are a league player you must have your parent's permission to register for this website. Your parents need to read these rules and agree to the rules themselves.


There will be no negative comments made about or to anybody on this site at any time. This includes comments directed towards league officials, game officials, players, coaches, parents, and fans. We need to encourage our youth and set a good example for them. All comments are screened prior to posting for public view.

ALLOWED: We didn't play our best game today. Keep your heads up boys and go get them next game!
NOT ALLOWED: If it wasn't for Little Jimmy's terrible play we would have won this game!


Do not use profanity of any kind. Try to avoid using slang terms for profanity as well. Do not talk about things that are not age appropriate. I shouldn't have to list examples for this.

Personal Responsibility:

You are responsible for your own account. Don't use a password that you use for private/important websites you logon to. Ideally all passwords should be unique from each other. Make sure you logoff when using an unsecure/public/shared computer. I will not be responsible for any misuse of your account by another individual that causes the account to be suspended or terminated.


One account per person. If you lose your password, the website has a built-in password recovery system that uses your email address. If for some reason you can't get your account reset through those means, I can take care of it for you with proper identification.

Username Selection:

This is your login information and default display name for usage on the Mount Union Little League website.

Real Name:

This field is hidden from other users unless you specify to allow it to be visible. The only people who can see it by default are league administrators. This is to protect people who may not want this information given out to the general public. This is designed specifically to protect people who work in corrections, law enforcement, or other lines of work that might need heightened confidentiality.


By registering for this website, you acknowledge that you accept these terms and conditions, as well any changes that we see fit to make to them at any time and for any reason.


The penalty for breaking the rules will be handled how we see fit given the circumstances. I will not tolerate negative comments, personal attacks, or attempts to use the private messaging system to break the rules. These offenses will be met with an immediate loss of rights to use the features. I can and will take any/all action up to banning your IP address (that's how computers communicate with each other across the Internet) from using the website completely.